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Southend up the ante

Up The Ante Southend is a community led information revolution designed by families with experience (FwE) and the professionals that support them, in order that families are given the best locally tailored antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal advice.

The UTAS Steering Group comprised of local parents, midwives, obstetric consultants and Blade Education staff created a community led model which incorporates the latest research with practical experience.

Improving outcomes of maternity services in England (2016) recommendations for using technology to personalise the experience that mothers and families receive in Southend University Hospital Foundation Trust (SUHFT). This joint approach to information provision will lead to a more effective delivery of antenatal education to all families in the SUFHT area.

This project explores and demonstrates how local mothers, their families and professionals can facilitate future generations of deprived families in improved pregnancy, birth and infant feeding outcomes.

Caesarean rates at SUHFT are above the national average and this is one of the outcomes we believe can be reduced; numerous studies have shown the positive impact of evidence based antenatal programmes on increasing vaginal delivery rates and reducing epidural use.

By tailoring antenatal information to local families, Up The Ante Southend can improve outcomes by enabling mothers to have realistic expectations of pregnancy and birth and by empowering women to be actively involved in decision making which will positively affect their maternity experience.

This service will provide the information given during the Antenatal Sessions so that every prospective parent has access to the same level of service if they are unable to attend the weekend sessions.  We will also be able to offer online tailored support to those mothers who face complications with their pregnancies so that they have the information they need to be able to make informed decisions about their care.This will be available 24:7 and be free to all users.

Women can be traumatized by birth which can impact on bonding, parenting, mental health and on their attitudes and choices in future births, so preventing or reducing trauma and stress for women is another key benefit of the project.

We intend to deliver this with special attention to the most deprived areas in Southend-on-Sea and Canvey Island but with an idea to leaving no family behind in terms of having the best and most up to date antenatnal information.  

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