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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
In Memoriam
Recognising the unsung heroes and heroines in our community.




In order to commemorate Her Late Majesty's Platinum Jubilee, Blade Education, funded by the National Lottery Awards for All, want to recognise extraordinary contributions made to the Southend-on-Sea society by individuals within the community.

We are asking different organisations within the Community, such as businesses, schools, and other groups to nominate one individual within their organisation whose exemplary contribution has not been recognised.

What are
the Awards for?


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Press Release

Southend City Unsung Heroes and Heroines Awards in memory of Queen Elizabeth II Media Release
22nd November 2022

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Want to say thank you to that person who gives their time freely but is happy to let others be recognised before themselves? Now is your chance!

Blade Education is proud to announce that the nominations are open for the Southend City Jubilee Awards thanks to grant funding from the National Lottery Awards for All Fund and Southend Community Investment Board.

To celebrate the memory of Queen Elizabeth II who died in her Diamond Jubilee Year we are inviting organisations from across Southend-on-Sea including schools, guides and scouts and all kinds of community groups to nominate and vote for their own unsung heroes, with one person receiving their organisation’s nomination for a Southend City Jubilee Award.  We would ask that you don’t nominate anyone who has already had an award of some kind this year as we are particularly wanting to celebrate those people who are so often overlooked. These awards are for those special people who give their time and care freely and with a smile week in week out, the unsung heroes without who our clubs and organisations would simply fall apart.

There are 70 Southend City Jubilee Awards, one for each year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The Award itself is based on Queen Elizabeth’s favourite flower, the Lily of the Valley, each Southend City Jubilee Award will be individually artisan crafted from British materials.

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Download full Media Release here:



The 1st SCJA Award Ceremony took place at Porters Civic House & Mayor's Parlour on Saturday 14th January.  We would like to thank the staff at Porters for their help and kindness, the Mayor and Mayoress for their wonderful support, thanks to Steve and Irene from Starlight Productions for their lovely comparing, the Blade Education team for their excellent work, and to all of our Awardees and Guests for their contribution to making Southend-on-Sea City such a special place.

The event was also reported in the Southend Echo:




Awards at St. Christophers


Following our first fantastic event at Porter's Civic House, we handed awards to more unsung heroes at the St. Christopher School. This include awards for:

Lisa Langley - For all the unseen work that she completes on a daily basis, within her pastoral role. Much of this vital work supporting our children is necessarily confidential and so is not always common knowledge. However, the work that she provides for some of our most vulnerable pupils is invaluable.      


Jerry Griggs - For all the hard work, support and dedication he has given to the School, for the past 27 years, as school caretaker. 


Wendy Millington - who works tirelessly in the office, greeting pupils and visitors, creating a wonderful warm reception for everyone. Also providing back up and support to all staff for pretty much everything from tissues, to keys, to risk assessments. 

Michelle Rose - deserves the award for the incredible work she has done and continues to do with the Pathway children. She has exceptional behaviour management skills and amazing creativity, which allow her to create varied and exciting opportunities for her pupils, that a lesser mortal would not be able to do!


Claire Lloyd - Miss Lloyd for having the patience of a saint, for working with children whose needs are very complex, yet she always seeing the best in them and continuing to work to encourage their independence.  

Please find below images of the event!

The 2nd SCJA Award Ceremony 

CTWOW Performance Week
CTWOW Performance Week
19 Sept 2023, 11:00


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