• Beth Hooper

Understanding Attachment Information Pack

When you try to approach a subject as important as attachment in order to make it more accessible for our community in South East Essex, it is a daunting task.  There is no doubt that for young people who can’t stay with their birth families foster care and adoption is a massive life changing experience that will have deep and long-lasting effects on their lives. Young people who experience this separation from their birth families need carers who are fully equipped to help them cope with their behaviour as well as then being able to move them forward to be able to develop as safely as possible.

Everyone recognises that close loving relationships are key to a healthy and happy young person.  Attachment Theory developed by John Bowlby in the late sixties and early seventies offers a framework for those who want to use it in order to understand the power of relationships.  When a young person is in crisis, they often behave in ways incomprehensible to many adults. Understanding Attachment ties to get at that mystery and support foster carers and children in our area to know more about this important subject. The Understanding Attachment Information Pack is part of the project, funded by the National Lottery Awards for All, that aims to help build understanding between carers and those they care for and has been published on the Blade Education and Understanding Attachment websites for all to use. The Understanding Attachment Information Pack will be updated as consultation continues with the South Essex Fostering Network Group. If you would like to see the information packs you can either go to:

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