• Beth Hooper

WHTM? Understanding Attachment

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Blade Education is happy to announce the start of the Understanding Attachment Project that, thanks to funding from the National Lottery Awards for All fund, will build on the pioneering work of the What’s Happening to Me? Project that brought together those who have direct experience of the care system, either with experience of being fostered, or work with children in care, to enable more successful placements with the young people and empower more people to fulfil their potential as foster carers.

We aim by continuing this model of learning in and with the SE Essex Fostering Community to find a way to begin to address the breakdown in teenage foster care placements and that with less failed placements increase retention of foster carers. We aim to improve the resilience of foster carers in South East Essex and by building a group for those experienced foster carers to be able to pass on their best practice to those that are earlier on in their fostering journey.

Understanding Attachment will establishment the South East Essex Fostering Community Group, that we believe by regularly bringing together the experiences of those that care with those that experience that care will allow us to identify a targeted and insightful way to provide carers and cared for children to cut down on the number of teenage foster placements that break down.

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