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Celebrating the unsung heroes

After all the special celebrations on the Bank Holiday weekend – some more good news about being able to celebrate the Jubilee! Blade Education is proud to announce that is has secured funding to launch the Southend City Jubilee Awards thanks to grant funding from the National Lottery Awards for All fund. To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee Year of Queen Elizabeth II we will be inviting 70 organisations from across Southend-on-Sea including schools, scouting groups, community groups, church groups and special community interest organisations To nominate and vote for their own unsung heroes, with one person receiving their organisations Southend City Jubilee Award. These awards are for those very special people who give their time and care freely and with a smile week in week out, the unsung heroes without who our clubs and organisations would simply fall apart. There are 70 Southend City Jubilee Awards, one for each year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The Award itself is based on Queen Elizabeth’s favourite flower, the Lily of the Valley, each Southend City Jubilee Award will be individually artisan crafted from British materials. The Southend City Jubilee Awards will work with 70 organisations across Southend City who will be responsible for the nominating and voting for each of the 70 award recipients and will help highlight the vital role that everyday community service plays in the survival of organisations both large and small. Through the SCJA we aim to help Southend rebuild the resilience of its volunteer force and renew its appreciation for the time people give in their community.

To find out more about more or to suggest a worthy candidate for these awards, please do get in touch.

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