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Hinguar Connecting Parents is a project tailored to Hinguar Primary School and Nursery and uses the technical expertise of Blade Education, who have been working in parental engagement for the past ten years, to give parents an insight into the school lives of their children. HCP wants to improve relations between home and school by tailoring the best forms of internet and social media delivery to find the easiest and most productive means of supporting the communication circle between pupil, parent, staff and school. By tapping into the relatively new and wide scale adoption of tablets and smartphones HCP will make information delivery more professional and accessible.

Hinguar Connecting Parents is a local information delivery mechanism built around the school community with sustainable benefits for the future. While other programmes focus on content or delivery, we looked at building a system to support the content through accessible delivery to the connected generation of parents.

There are over 500+ interventions that can be used and many of these are already working and have been evaluated.  Our programme looks at building an information system for a community that leaves the school in an excellent position to be able to continue the work of engaging parents and teachers to support the learning of all pupils as a team.


HCP is a collaborative project that works with teaching staff at the HPNS as well as parents, carers and grandparents of Foundation Stage pupils to make the right information available to help everyone support their children in the most effective way to get the ready for school in Year 1. 

HCP is a partnership between Hinguar Primary and Nursery School and Blade Education and commissioned by A Better Start Southend.

Assistant Head Teacher, Ferliene Willis “We want to celebrate the hard work of the whole school community on this project.”

Beth Hooper, Creative Director of project partner Blade Education "Hinguar Connecting Parents is a project that explores how film and social media produced with input from all members of the school community can improve the cohesion between home and school in supporting the education of all children." 

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