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ESIS: English schools induction service


ESIS was the first information service in the UK that strived to communicate to everyone. The service allowed England to welcome any child into its schools and any parent into the education system fairly and equally. It was easy to use and accessible to anyone who could sit in front of a television or computer. ESIS gave children the information they needed to get on with their lives in school. The ESIS team devised a simple visual format that had the potential to include children from any language background. It also allowed the service to be an affordable and cost-effective solution to the long-standing issue of school social induction.

ESIS was used in over 100 schools up and down the country and was available as a two-set DVD, and unusually for the time, as a streaming service.

ESIS consisted of 21 short films in 21 languages that helped new children from different countries socially integrate:

The languages included were:

- Arabic

- Bengali

- Czech

- Dari

- English

- Farsi

- French

- Gujarati

- Shona

- Spanish

- Urdu

One of ESIS' first descriptions was: 

"Every pupil's first day can be frightening... let us give you the reassurance that you can talk to all of your new families...and help them understand what they need to know.


ESIS was our first real learning experience, as it gave us a practical understanding of the ups and downs of project organisation.

- Hindi

- Japanese

- Mandarin

- Ndebele 

- Polish

- Portuguese

- Romanian

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